Tingijuq ! Fly like a bird

April 21st,

Day 8 Crater of Pingualuit Nunavik


Yesterday, Friday, April 20th, I realized my dream of flying the crater of Pingualuit! Fantastic! I tried my luck despite engaging conditions, a very low ceiling and strong winds! The conditions did not seem favorable for the flight, so I decided to go explore the area to the canyon of a river about 25km from my camp! At the time of putting on the skis, a doubt invaded me, I said to myself, I am here to soar this crater, go trust yourself and be confident It’s gonna work! I went back to the takeoff spot and the conditions improved !! Wow! A great flight, which required all my experience, the clouds were very low and sucked up, I lost all visibility White out! I was able to do some flights of “soaring” for a few kilometers along the side of the crater !! My wing, the X-Style Gradient #gradient was great in these flying conditions! Magnificent! I went back to my camp in the middle of the fog, accompanied by an Arctic fox who seemed to look at me incredulously and seemed to be saying … And dude! Me too I lost my camp !!

Today, Saturday, last day at the crater! It’s great sun this morning! The wind conditions are very good for flying! I feel good, whatever a little tired, my body speaks to me! But the mechanics hold on!

I plan to take the road back in the afternoon with westerlies which I hope will facilitate the return to Kangiqjusuaq! I’ll keep you informed! Thank you for following me!

Follow me today and the next days !!!




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