Baïkal 2019

EXPEDITION : Baïkal 2019

Hello, I’m Ben! Happy to present you the expedition “The Long Ride” In March 2019 I will go with my baggage surcharge to Moscow in Russia, a flight of 6686 Km then take an internal flight to Irkutsk! Still 5200 Km. I will take a day to buy a gas  for my little stove and fresh food, dried sausage  cheese, pastry kind donuts, I lost 15 pound in 12 days during my expedition last April from a huge job to go to crater Pingualuit and poor nutrition at noon, not enough protein. I should leave in the evening or the next morning for Koultouk where will start the expedition! Lake Baikal is 640 km long in a straight line to reach its north I should surely achieve a distance of 750/800 km see more! Rendered the top I will have reached the first stage of the project if my physical condition is correct and the time I have left is also correct I will take the opposite route in kite to make a first at this place or a return trip of more 1500 km, or else! Take the Trans-Siberian train to return to Irkutsk. A 22-day trip with all these hassles and discoveries of people and fantastic landscapes that are worth the detour! Thank you for following me throughout this journey, which for me has been going on for several months and will follow me a long time afterwards in learning and remembering another world!