In mid-April 2018, I will commit to large-scale solo expedition in Kiteski and paragliding in the Pingualuit National Park region, more specifically in the area of Crater Pingualuit.


The 10 days in full autonomy expedition will start in Kangiqsujuaq until I reach the crater of Pingualuit. The expedition takes place in partnership with the Pingualuit National Park.


The journey will begin and end with training workshops and conferences with the Inuit community of Kangiqsujuaq to raise awareness the expedition, the practice of kite pulling, the construction of a  small kite  by primary students and secondary school and the introduction to free flight.


Subsequently, the expedition itself will begin with a 150 km journey using kites and pulka between Kangiqsujuaq and Pingualuit Lake. With the help of winds, following frozen lakes and rivers as well as low topography.


The second step of the expedition will be to perform many flight from the crater of Pingualuit in bivouac paragliding. This free flight circumference flight is a world first and a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the Far North by the practice of free flying which is respectful of the local community and the environment.


The main objectives of the expedition are; initiate local communities and Innuit youth to practice of snowkiting as recreation and awareness of the practice of outdoor activity in the national parks of the far north.