Benoit Tremblay




I am Benoit Tremblay, adventurer, free flight pilot, a wind-driven company specializing in the manufacture of kites since 1991. I am pleased to present you the expedition “TINGIJUQ PINGUALUIT” (Soaring like a bird to Pingualuit). In April 2018, I will conduct a solo expedition in the Pingualuit National Park region that will allow for a world premiere in free flight.


I am recognized worldwide as one of the pioneers of traction kite sport having started the first manufacturing plant in 1991. I am also pilot and instructor of free flight (paragliding) for more than 30 years, former champion of world of ice sailing (WISSA). Furthermore, I participated in the most difficult traction kite races in the world VAKE ( in Norway in 2012 as well as in 2016, I realized with my friend, the adventurer Frédéric Dion, ( an expedition consisting in the one-day circumnavigation snowkiting of the Manic Reservoir 5  over a distance of 350 kilometer in less than 12 hours without stop.


I have accumulated over 30 years of experience having participated in expeditions on several continents, team, solo and with my girl friend and children. Through this passion that inhabits me, the goal has always been to raise awareness, to communicate and to teach wind sports, self-improvement and respect for the environment.


Of course, this experience comes with a few years, I am 62 years old and thanks to the practice of daily physical activity and healthy eating, I am lucky to have an exceptional physical form that allows me to anticipate the realization of an expedition of this scale.